What This All About? What Goes On?

One man's journey since 2009 to play through and analyse all 211 Beatles songs and extract as much songwriting wisdom as I can

Who Sir, are you Sir?

Matt Blick. A singer songwriter, music teacher and blogger from Nottingham UK

Who loves ya, Baby?

CD Baby. They named me one of the top 10 songwriting resources to follow on Twitter.

How many songs have you covered?

As of May 2013 – 94. I'm knee deep in The White album and I've completed Please Please Me, With The Beatles, Abbey Road and Let It Be.

What about singles?

I'm covering them as I go. I started in chronological order but now I'm going in reverse chronological order


Because Desmond turned the special key when the hatch was about to blow up.

What about Free As A Bird/Leave My Kitten Alone/Cry For A Shadow?

Nope. You gotta draw the line somewhere.

Solo albums?

Maybe in another life Brotha...

I love what you're doing. How can I help?

There are varying levels of support – all gratefully received
  • Buy my EP 
  • Make a donation via paypal here

  • Buy me a resource from this list
  • Tell a friend – tweet/share a link
  • Leave me a nice encouraging comment
  • Best of all – write a cool song using these tips and then tell me about it

I'd love to hear your songs

That's not a question. But you can get demos of all my song for free here. You can buy my EP here.

I like you. Can I like you?

Sure. You can follow me too. I'm Real Matt Blick on both Twitter and Facebook

Have you read...?


Do you have any recommendations for books about the Beatles?

Sure do. Right here.

You got a lot of posts. Where should I start? 

If you want to dive into the practicalities check out the Tickets To Write list and try using one or two to write your next song.
For a general overview of creativity Beatles style read any of the Be-Atletudes.
There are lists of the albums I've completed here.
You can read up on the artists that have been Beatles Influenced famous and not yet famous.

Or you could just search by song (column on the right) to see what I've covered so far.

John or Paul?

Paul – because - like the Xerox Phaser® 4510 Laser Printer - he worked harder.

Best drummer in the Beatles?


Rubber Soul or Revolver?


Best Film?

A Hard Day's Night

Let It Be or Let It Be Naked?

Let It Be Partially Clothed

Yoko Ono box set or a kick in the nuts?

I'll take a kick in the nuts please

What's your comment policy?

  • Be nice.
  • Feel free to disagree with me. If you provide musical justification we'll both learn something.
  • If you point out something I've missed, direct me to a cool cover version, article or book I'll love you forever.
  • And 'thanks, but no thanks' Ms Spammy, but I have several fake handbags full of viagra already.

I've never visited your site before but I feel an uncontrollable urge to inform you you're a jerk who doesn't appreciate true genius because you dissed my favourite song. What should I do?

Try YouTube. I hear they have a vacancy.

Are there any other sites you'd recommend?

Can I quote/ repost your stuff on my blog?

Yes but please credit me and link back to this site. And if you're wanting to use an entire post please contact me first.

If you love the Beatles so much why do you slag them off?

Because some Beatles songs were a better than others. Some way better. Which means some are way worse. I want to understand why the good are good and the bad are bad. Read this for more explanation

Beatles or Stones?

Do you really need to ask?

Who was the real fifth Beatle?

George Martin. Closely followed by Brian Epstein (which I guess makes him the 6th Beatle)

And the fifth Dr Who?

Peter Davidson

Fifth Marx Brother?


Fifth President of the United States?

This is getting boring now

Have you read Alan Pollack's site? Or Ian MacDonalds book?

Yes and yes

Why do I need to read your blog, when they're so much better?

Well you don't. But I'm doing this first and foremost, for myself. And Pollack & McDonald's focus is more academic whereas my focus is more practical - how can I write better songs?

Do you have a picture of Jimi Hendrix playing a banjo?

No. This is a Beatles focused site.

OK what about Paul doing the dishes with Michael Jackson? 

Not a problem


  1. Just so you know , you are awesome . Thank you for writing this treasure of a website !

    1. Thank you SO much Sead! - really kind of you to take the time to leave such a nice comment.

  2. Ringo's parents?


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    1. Weird Al might disagree, but hilarious!

  4. This two-minute audio history of the Beatles might be a helpful addition to your library.


  5. Not Beatles related, but riff-related.


    1. You're a source of musical merriment Gary!