Tuesday, 11 February 2014

Ticket 4: Recycle Your 'Os'

Create your 'os' - intros/outros/solos - by adapting and mutating the main parts of the song 

This will make those parts seem familiar even before your listeners have heard them.

All My Loving (outro), Blackbird (links), Can’t Buy Me Love (intro/outro), Dr Robert (outro), From Me To You (outro), Help (intro),  Here Comes The Sun (outro), I'm A Loser (intro),  Julia (intro), Martha My Dear (solo), Piggies (intro/outro/solo), Please Please Me (intro) P.S. I Love You (intro), She Loves You (intro/outro),  The Long And Winding Road (outro).

Also I Knew You Were Trouble - outro (Taylor Swift),  Jekyll - intro/outro (Plastic Inevitables), One Day – bridge (Nik Kershaw) , Secret Door – intro (Arctic Monkeys) , Smells Like Teen Spirit - solo (Nirvana), You Give Love A Bad Name – intro (Bon Jovi) 

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  1. A nice example of this ticket: the intro for Midnight Oil's "Truganini". Just a thunderous C chord played during 1 and a half bars, then a sudden stop. The following sequence, the main part of the song, is in E minor, which makes that intro sound very unusual. Turns out that the intro is like a "cut-up" of the chorus' ending, in which the C comes up again.

  2. Nice one Guilherme - well spotted