Tuesday, 18 May 2010

The Minor 4 Chord (pt3)

The Beatles were masters of slipping chords that didn’t fit the key into their songs.
Chord like the minor 4 (iv).

Last time we were looking at progressions where they went from the major 4 (IV) to the minor 4 (iv)

Like this change from In My Life (the iv is Dm)

There are A places E I remember all my D life Dm though A some have changed

6 to 4

Now lets look at the second most common change – from the minor 6 to the minor 4

Ask Me Why - Verse vi, iv, II7, V, I (Key of E)
 That C#m I, I, I, I, I should Am never, never, never be F#7 blue B

She Loves You - Verse I vi iv, V (in G)
 She G loves you and you know that can’t be Em bad,
She Cm loves you & you know you should be D glad

Any Time At All – Verse I, iii/VII, vi, iv/bVI (in D)
 D If you need some F#m/C# body to love,
Bm Just look into my Gm/Bb eyes

I Will – verse tag (as a weird passing chord) - I7, IV, V, vi, iv, I (in F)
 F7 Sing it Bb loud so C7 I can Dm hear you Bbm F

The Continuing Story Of Bungalow Bill – verse III, V, vi, iv, (in C)
He’s the E all-American G bullet-headed Am Saxon mother’s Fm son

The Night Before – verse vi, iv, vi, iv , I (in D)
Bm Now today I Gm find,
Bm You have changed your Gm mind D treat me…

The m4 resolves to the I chord in every song except Ask Me Why & You Won't See Me..

For a modern example check out If It Kills Me by Jason Mraz.
The Chorus progression (in D) is I, iii, vi, iv

D Well all I really want to do is
F#m love you, a kind much closer than
Bm friends use, but I still can't say it after
Gm all we've been through

Once again your homework is simple. Try to get this chord progression into one of your songs!

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  1. Hi Matt. Since you are in an updating mode: I don't really understand the 'You won't see me' example...

  2. Rob! The reason you don't understand is cos it's totally wrong! Thanks for being an eagle-eyed reader. The key is A not D which means Bm is ii.

    Correcting it now. Thanks.

  3. @Rob - Of course that means the example now belongs in a completely different post!